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Shafin Ahmed

Dhaka, Bangladesh


Shafin Ahmed


The legendary Shafin Ahmed has contributed greatly in Bangladesh's music scene. He is the son of two legends of Bangla music- Kamal Das Gupta and Firoza Begum. Shafin has composed and recorded more than 300 songs, some which are major hits of all time.

Shafin Ahmed was born in Kolkata, India, and later moved to what is now Bangladesh. He is an icon today in the music industry. Exceptional musical talent inherited from his legendary parents, Kamal Das Gupta and Feroza Begum combined with his own dedication applied over the last 32 years has established him permanently in the hearts and minds of millions of Bangla music listeners around the world.

Shafin Ahmed did his first studio recording at the age of 9. He is a founder member of the country's leading band MILES that has been committed to high quality music since 1979. The Band sells the highest volumes of records in the country and tours frequently overseas. Shafin Ahmed is gifted with a golden voice and is considered to be the most inspiring bassist for his generation.

His astute sense of music transpires through his singing, his bass playing, compositions and music arrangements.

Shafin Ahmed has the rare distinction of being the only singer in the country who can claim no less than 4 spots in the list of Top 10 Bangla Band songs of all time, with such super hits like Chad Tara Shurjo, Firiye Dao, Dhiki Dhiki, Jala Jala. Besides these, there are many other very popular songs that have been composed and/or sung by Shafin; namely, Prothom Premer Moto, Shey Kon Dorodia, Pahari Meye, Jadu, Koto Kaal Khujbo Tomay, Polasheer Prantor, Aj Jonmodin Tomar, Protikkha, Jatiyo Shangeeter Ditiyo Line, Tumi Nei, Aayna Bhenge Jay, Firey Aay, Tomar Porosh, Dukkho Sroth, Doshi etc. also his father's songs done by him have captured the young audience.

Shafin Ahmed was voted the Top Male Celebrity of Bangladesh in the year 2001 through an Internet voting worldwide.

Always being quality conscious and not chasing quantity, Shafin Ahmed has recorded and released about 200 songs thus far through his Band Miles, also Solo and Mixed albums. Total number of albums would be about 35. His stage appearance and performance is very attractive that is keenly followed by his fans across the country, accentuated by his astute sense of fashion.

Shafin Ahmed became the first Brand Ambassador of the country for a quality fashion house of Bangladesh called 'Artisti'. He has also been appointed as the Brand Ambassador in Bangladesh for the largest car manufacturer of China, called Great Wall Motors [GWM]. Shafin Ahmed has also been appointed as the Brand Ambassador of a Boutique Hotel Platinum Suits in Dhaka.

Shafin Ahmed released an album titled "Kotodin Dekhini Tomay" as a tribute to his father the legendary Music Composer Kamal Das Gupta. Choosing 10 memorable modern songs out of Kamal Das Gupta’s 8000 compositions, Shafin Ahmed has been able to introduce today's listeners to the great Bangla songs of earlier years, with fine vocal works and modern music arrangement. It is being well acclaimed by listeners of all ages.

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