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Bassbaba - Sumon

Dhaka, Bangladesh



Bassbaba - Sumon


He started playing slide guitar at the age of 7
He picked up his first Spanish guitar & formed his first band when he was 12
He started playing bass guitar when he was 15
He joined one of the most popular bands of BD as a bassist when he was 17
He did the first ever unaccompanied bass solo in Bangladesh when he was 17
He played with 11 bands by the age of 19
He wrote, sang, produced his first solo album when he was 20

Saidus Salehin Khaled (Sumon), better known as Bassbaba (the father of bass, in Bengali) is a bassist from the south Asian country Bangladesh. He is known for his nice grooves, excellent use of different bass playing techniques, and, mostly, for his quite frequent bass solos in his band Aurthohin's songs.

Bangladesh is a country where Rock Music, specially Metal and Alternative Rock, is getting popular and 'Bassbaba' Sumon is credited as one of the few most influencing artists in this sector. He has single handedly changed the role of bass guitar in Bangladeshi Music. It is said that Bass playing has become a hugely attractive thing to the young music lovers of this country almost only because of the influence of Bassbaba Sumon. He is also a key figure in promoting Rock music in this country.

Bassbaba Sumon is also the vocalist for his band Aurthohin. Currently he uses a custom made MTD 5 string Bass and has become a MTD ( Affiliate.

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