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Dhaka, Bangladesh





Nagar Baul James (Faruk Mahfuj Anam) generally known simply as James is a Bangladeshi singer,Guitarist and composer. He was a member of the band Feelings and later formed the band Nagar Baul. James was raised in Chittagong and later moved to Dhaka for his singing career. Stylishly longhaired James—overwhelmingly known as the Nagar Baul (the Urban Bard), was the pioneer of psychedelic rock in Bangladesh.But his musical diversity includes various genres of Rock music and Blues Music. Originally a lead singer and guitarist, he has always been respected for his solo projects. His presence in rock music has been prolonged; his influence on those of successive generations has been profound. Something fresh was there—the audience could feel it. He became affectionately called Guru by his innumerable fans. His tunes were bright and his singing a divergence from the archetypal tunes preferred by the commercial-type directors. His songs expressed social aspects nature,love,rage, discontent, frustration and happiness.

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